Authorising a user

Authorised users can interact with government online services based on the permissions granted to them by the principal authority and authorisation administrator.

Before you authorise a user

Before you start, check:

  • the user has a digital identity, such as myGovID, so they can accept the authorisation
  • the user’s legal name – the name you enter must match the legal name of the user according to their digital identity
  • their email address
    • We recommend you use an email address that only the person you are authorising has access to.
    • The email address does not need to be the address they use for their digital identity; for example, it could be their work email.

Levels of access

For each government online service, you decide what level of access the authorised user is granted.

There are two levels:

  • Full – the user will have full access to all online services offered by the government agency.
  • Custom – select the amount of access the user has within the government service by setting it up separately with each agency. Not all government online services offer this option.

You can update an authorisation at any time to suit your business needs by logging in to RAM. 

How to authorise a user

If you are the principal authority or authorisation administrator you can authorise a user by selecting:

  1. Manage authorisations
  2. the ABN of the business
  3. Add new user.

You will then be directed to complete the following:

  • Representative details – including name and email address.
  • Authorisation details
    • use the check box to select yes or no
      • by selecting yes, the user will will become an ‘authorisation administrator’ and can manage and maintain authorisations
      • by selecting no, the user will be an ‘authorised user’ who can act on behalf of the business, but cannot add or manage authorisations
    • Start date – must be the date you set up the authorisation or a future date, it cannot be back dated
    • End date – the default has been selected as ‘No end date’ or you can change this to include a specific end date
  • Agency Access
    • choose the level of access for the user – ‘Full’ or ‘Custom’.  If Custom access is given, select access to agency information
  • Summary
    • review details
    • accept the Declaration
  • Customise access – if ‘Custom’ access for ATO online services has been selected, there will be a link ATO Access Manager to set permissions.

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