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Get started

To get started, the principal authority of the business will need to set up their myGovID and link the business in RAM.

Once the business is linked, they can set up authorisations for others to work on behalf of the business.

Setting up is different depending on your role, either a:

  • Principal authority (a business owner or listed associate), such as a:
    • sole trader
    • eligible individual associate listed on an Australian business number in the Australian Business Register (ABR), this includes the trustee, director, public officer or partner
    • primary person (where no individual associate is listed in the ABR) this includes the director or public officer for a corporate trustee; the executor of a deceased estate; a responsible person of a charity or not-for-profit; an authorised contact listed on the ABR for a government entity; or an office holder for an unincorporated association or body of persons.
  • Authorised user and administrator (someone authorised to act on behalf of a business)
  • Business software user or provider.

Before you start

You will need the following before you start:

  • a digital identity, such as myGovID
  • a compatible browser to use RAM, either
    • Internet Explorer version 9.0+
    • Google Chrome version 39+
    • Mozilla Firefox version 30+
    • Safari version 5+.