Machine credentials

A machine credential is installed on a device and enables you to interact directly with government online services through your business software.

Machine credentials will replace any AUSkey used in software and will soon be available for you to create in RAM. From November 2019, you can start to use your machine credential.

In the meantime, if you’re a principal authority or authorisation administrator you can authorise a user as a machine credential administrator (MCA), allowing them to create a machine credential once available.

Machine credentials are used by:

  • Digital service providers who offer cloud software, to enable software authentications by third party users. In this instance, the digital service provider creates a machine credential and installs it on their server.  
  • Businesses or tax professionals to interact with ATO online services directly through desktop or locally hosted software. In this instance, the machine credential is created by the business and performs the same function as an Administrator or Standard AUSkey in software. Your digital service provider will let you know once your software has been updated.  

If you use cloud based Standard Business Reporting (SBR) enabled software you will not need to create a machine credential.

Who can create machine credential

You will be able to create a machine credential if you are a:

  • principal authority
  • machine credential administrator (MCA) as assigned by a principal authority or authorisation administrator.

See also:

Browser extension

In order to create a machine credential you will need to download and install a browser enabler/extension compatible with your device’s operating system. This will be available soon for:

  • Windows – Chrome and Firefox
  • MAC OS – Chrome and Firefox
  • Linux – Chrome and Firefox