Authorised user

A principal authority or authority administrator will need to send you an authorisation code to become an authorised user, allowing you to act on behalf of a business when using government online services.

Before you start

You will need a digital identity such as myGovID to log in to RAM.

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Accept or decline an authorisation code

You will receive an authorisation code and a summary of the authorisation request via email. Log in to RAM to accept or decline the request. You have seven days before the code expires.

Once accepted, you are able to act on behalf of the business when accessing government online services. The actions you can perform are based on the level of access you have been given, either:

  • Full access to select government services.
  • Custom access to select government online services (currently limited to ATO services). 
  • No access to selected government services.

Invalid or expired authorisation codes

If your authorisation code has expired or is not working, contact the principal authority or authorisation administrator to re-issue a code.

Authorisation administrators

If the business (principal authority) has nominated you as an authorisation administrator, you will be able to create  authorisations for others.

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