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Authorised users and administrators

To start using government online services on behalf of a business, a principal authority or authorisation administrator needs to authorise you to act on behalf of a business.

You’ll receive an email with an authorisation request to become one of the following:

  • Authorisation administrator – create and manage authorisations for others
  • Authorised user – work on behalf of a business
  • Machine credential administrator (MCA) – create and manage machine credentials to interact with government online services through business software
  • Basic user – work on behalf of a business with a Basic identity strength (available for limited government online services). You can only be authorised for up to 12 months after which a principal authority or authorisation administrator need to renew your authorisation if required.

The actions you can perform are based on the level of access you've been given. This is either:

  • Full access
  • Custom access
  • No access.

Before you start

You need a digital identity such as myGovID to log in to RAM.

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Accepting an authorisation code

You'll receive an authorisation code and a summary of the authorisation request via email. Log in to RAM to accept or decline the request within seven days.

Once accepted, you can act on behalf of the business when accessing government online services.

You can only have one authorisation for each business you are acting on behalf of.

An existing authorisation is overridden if:

  • the authorisation you are accepting has a higher authorisation level than the one you currently hold, for example you were previously a Basic user and have been given a Standard authorisation
  • your role changes to principal authority and you link the business.

If your current authorisation needs to be updated, contact your principal authority or authorisation administrator.