Primary person – link ABNs in RAM

You need to link your business in Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM) before others can access government online services on behalf of it. If the business has no individual associates listed in the Australian Business Register (ABR), a primary person needs to complete the link.

You’re a primary person if you hold one of the following roles, for a:

  • company – the director or public officer for the corporate trustee or subsidiary company
  • government entity – the authorised contact
  • Australian charity or not-for-profit organisation – the director or public officer of the corporate trustee or subsidiary company or the Responsible Person
  • deceased estate – the executor after probate is granted
  • unincorporated association – the office holder.

If you’re the primary person for a state or federal government entity or have more than three Australian business numbers (ABNs), complete the steps in the sections below to link the business.

See also:

  • Principal authority – if you’re a primary person who needs to link three or less ABNs or are not associated with a state or federal government entity.

Before you start

Set up your myGovID with a Standard identity strength. You’ll use your myGovID to log into RAM.

Your role as primary person should be recorded in either the:

Your first and last name recorded in one of the above must match the name used to set up your myGovID.

Link your business

There may be more than one primary person able to link an ABN, but only one needs to complete the following linking process:

  • Complete the Assistance to link ABNs in RAM form to link up to 25 ABNs at a time. The name you used to set up your myGovID needs to match the name you use to complete this form.
  • Check you have completed all fields, otherwise we may not be able to link your business.
  • Email your form to LinkMyABN [at] and we’ll send an email confirming we’ve received your form.
  • A representative will contact you to complete a proof of identity check.
  • Once completed, you’ll receive an email with an authorisation code and summary of the authorisation request for each ABN. You will have seven days before your authorisation code expires.
  • Log in to RAM using your myGovID to accept the request and complete the links.

You will be added in RAM as a government representative, indirect associate or responsible authority.

Email LinkMyABN [at] if your code expires or you receive an error message.

Once linked, you can authorise others to act for your businesses. This includes setting up authorisation administrators, who can then set up authorisations for others.

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