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Help: Managing business links

As a principal authority, you can check or update your details on the Australian Business Register (ABR):

  • using ABR online services, if you’ve linked your business in RAM (or another principal authority can update the details if they’ve linked to the business in RAM)
  • through your registered tax or BAS agent
  • by contacting the ABR – check if you can link your business in RAM before you call.

Your details need to be up to date on the ABR before you can link your business. To link:

  • you need to be listed as the person responsible for the business (sole trader or eligible individual associate)
  • your name needs to match the name used to set up your digital identity, such as myGovID.

You can update your Current business email address in RAM to ensure you receive notifications about your authorisation such as renewal email reminders. You may have different email addresses listed for each authorisation which can be updated individually.

Once you’ve accepted your authorisation in RAM and its status is active, you can update your Current business email address. We recommend using a business email address that only you have access to and check regularly.

To find and update your Current business email address:

  • select View next to the appropriate business
  • select Update email address
  • enter your new email address and select Send email – you will be sent a six-digit verification code to the new email address
  • enter the code and select Verify
  • you will receive confirmation that your email address has been successfully updated.

When a business listed is:

  • no longer operating – you need to cancel the Australian business number (ABN)
  • still operating but you’re no longer the associate – you need to update the Australian Business Register (ABR) details.

If your digital identity, such as myGovID, is linked to the business in RAM then you can update your details or cancel your ABN using ABR online services.

If you're a principal authority and unable to set up a myGovID with a Standard or Strong identity strength, you won’t be able to link your business in RAM at this time.

Alternatively, you can:

  • Check if another principal authority can achieve a Standard or Strong myGovID - they can link the business in RAM instead and authorise you to access some services as a Basic user.
  • Contact the relevant service you want to access to find out about other options for your business – for example, using cloud-based Standard Business Reporting (SBR)-enabled software.  

You can check the latest list of accepted identity documents on the myGovID website or in your myGovID app.